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Art gallery Zeven Zomers (Seven Summers)

The number Seven is associated with mysticism, spiritualism and happiness. Summers refers to: warmth, sun, light, power and freedom. From that basis, the gallery presents contemporary art. The focus is on quality and expressiveness. The gallery continuously shows the oil paintings of Eelko van Iersel. The gallery also exhibits two-dimensional and three-dimensional work of different artists. These exhibitions are carefully compiled, so the art can reinforce each other. The displayed collection includes various disciplines. Besides paintings you can find sculptures in various materials and techniques, works on paper, glass art and photography.

The gallery travels since 2003, “as a nomad”, showing her art at various locations in the Centre of Nijmegen. At this moment the gallery is located at Marikenstraat 50.

The gallery is open at Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 12.00 -5.00 P.M.

Kelfkensbos, Eiermarkt and Marienburg