EXPO januari-maart 2012

Galerie Zeven Zomers, Stikke Hezelstraat 65/67 Nijmegen
U bent van harte welkom op de nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst en opening van de 1ste expositie in 2012. Naast de olieverfschilderijen van Eelko van Iersel presenteert de galerie met trots ‘scrolls’ van 4 Chinese kunstenaars; Zijun Zuo, Yanbin Gou, Wanxian Chang & Ying Xuan Zhang. Tevens bronzen beelden van Relinde Kattenberg en Geert Verstappen. Noortje Meijerink toont keramiek en sieraden (zilverklei). De galerie is vanaf 15 januari open op vrijdag, zaterdag en koopzondag van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur. De nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst op 15 januari begint om 14.00 uur.


Art gallery ‘Zeven Zomers’ (‘Seven Summers’), Stikke Hezelstraat 65 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands
We’ll invite you for the new-years-party of Art gallery ‘Zeven Zomers, at the 15th of January 2012, (14.00-17.00 P.M.). At the same time we’re celebrating the opening of the first exhibition of 2012. Eelko van Iersel shows his non-figurative oil-painitngs. Eelko van Iersel’s paintings have warmth, light and power. A shapelessness manifests itself through the shape. The viewer’s imagination is stimulated by the organic planes of color and compositions. These help the viewer recognize what he is looking at, and to stir up memories. This leads to concrete depictions in the paintings, which are originally intended to be non-figurative. The works of art are created by hand, without the use of paintbrushes. He uses different types of paint, as well as sand and oil paints, making the surface of the paintings layered and strong. The use of materials and the intense color combinations result in energetic and expressive work of art. According to Eelko van Iersel, inspiration is always there and everywhere present. ‘All I have to do is to be open to it. This happens when I let myself experience the silence within me and allow the process of creation to flow from there.’
Relinde Kattenberg and Geert Verstappen exhibiting bronze sculptures. Relinde’s sculptures are inspired by the Holy Bible. Her figures are intimate and touching. Geert Verstappen is playing with the tension between imperfection and perfection. Noortje Meijerink is famous about her ceramics with sliverclay, bronzeclay and copperclay. She wrote a book about the possibilities of metal clay. The first Dutch language book (ISBN/EAN 978-90-813023-1-9) to describe in detail all the techniques possible with Precious Metal Clay. Also combining PMC and ceramics is discussed in depth. Examples of these techniques are demonstrated in lots of beautiful photos of works by internationally renowned artists. The gallery is proud that we’re presenting ‘modern scrolls’ of 4 Chinese artists (Zijun Zuo, Yanbin Gou, Wanxian Chang & Ying Xuan Zhang). They belong to the generation of traditional Chinese artists. With their free-style calligraphy artwork they give a new dimension to secular poetry. These artists won in China a lot of artprices and their scrolls were presented in several museums.